We are an innovative startup focused on developing novel therapeutic solutions for cancer and chemotherapy resistant cancer


Adrienne Gorman has 20 years’ experience in molecular and cellular biology in the field of cancer research. Dr Gorman is an authority in cancer treatment with a deep understanding of the competitive landscape and competitor products from a scientific and developmental standpoint. She has a large network of clinical, academic, and industry partners, collaborators, and colleagues. She has led several industry-academia collaborations and a large H2020 R&D project with multiple SMEs.

Adrienne Gorman / CSO

Steven Griffin has 13+ years’ experience in project and commercialisation management in the lifescience sector. He spent 11 years with Alltech Biotechnology, a €2.5 billion biotech company. As part of the operations team of SFI’s €37 million flagship Centre for Research in Medical Devices he was involved in the strategic development and operational execution of the centre involving business development, networking, and fund-raising. His experience with CSD has grown the company’s network, business plan, and commercialisation strategy.

Steven Griffin / COO

Afshin Samali has over 13+ years executive level experience in scientific based business. He is a successful entrepreneur cofounding and scaling three innovative high-tech startups. Afshin Samali has filed seven patents in the field of cancer research. He is the director of the National Apoptosis Research Centre in Ireland and has a large network of academic and industry contacts and collaborators including SMEs, MNCs, startups and non-profit organisations. Afshin Samali has 20 years’ experience in cancer biology and drug development and has coordinated or participated in 50+ exchequer and non-exchequer grants.

Afshin Samali / CEO

Leif Eriksson is an international expert in next generation computational drug development with 20+ years’ R&D experience, 250+ publications, and 4 patients filed. He is the co-founder of Swedish Pharma, C26 Bioscience, Cell Stress Discoveries, and Santium Pharma. Leif has worked closely with the pharma industry to develop and license molecules for commercialisation.

Leif Eriksson / CTO